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Digital assets markets, banking & digital payments, regulation and compliance

FNTX Suisse comprises a close-knit team of lawyers, accountants and tax professionals with a vast experience in FinTech and financial services.  The team possesses thought-leaders in the digital space, with the ability to find and structure innovative solutions for clients and partners. This is underpinned with the adherence to a strict code of traditional and strict professional ethics.

We leverage years of experience in banking & payments, regulation & compliance and digital assets markets to provide fully compliant Crypto OTC desk solutions for all your crypto asset needs. We have institutional access to the Cryptocurrency liquidity market, established corporate relationships with reputable and fully regulated OTC Desks and Bitcoin Exchanges.

Our core strength and capabilities stem from the solid relationships which we have nurtured over the years in acting as bridge between Fintechs and traditional banking systems. We have spent years building in-depth regulatory know-how, strong banking relationships and the infrastructure needed to open this bridge to our client and have developed a solid network of crypto friendly Banks worldwide that allow us to execute swift trades for Bitcoin (BTC) and Alt Coin Cryptocurrencies with local real time fiat settlements in several jurisdictions.

Dynamic Cryptocurrency and Digital Payment Solutions

Over The Counter
(OTC) Services

Trade Crypto Assets via our expert brokers and liquidity partners at the best market prices in a seamless cost-effective manner and highly secure fully compliant environment.

B2B Crypto Pay
In And Pay Outs

B2B services dedicated to business merchants and institutional clients to accept, send and receive cryptocurrency in a secure, seamless and cost effective manner across the globe in minutes

Sell/Buy Real Estate
for Cryptocurrency

FNTX facilitates end to end tailor-made solutions for buyers and sellers of real estate, including escrow, stablecoin and AML/KYC services without exposure to price volatility and the challenges that are typically associated with structuring crypto for real estate transactions.

Fiat On/Off
Ramp Solutions

Crypto friendly banking and fiat payment solutions for individuals, traders, institutions and exchanges as well as licensed E-Money and Payment Institutions.

Cross Border Crypto
To Fiat Settlements

Receive cryptocurrency, convert to fiat and settle fiat payments via wire transfer to your designated bank account or the bank account of any other third party Payee via our   International banking partners and local payment rails in over 30 currencies worldwide.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Expert advice on the creation, issuance and trade of NFT’s to represent unique digital objects – a piece of art, music, a virtual property or any type of creation or achievement that you wish to identify, protect and trade via a uniquely identifiable customised token.

DeFi Loan Protocol Management

Deposit your crypto to DeFi Loan Protocols and earn interest on your capital with FNTX! Our specialist team will assist you with all the technical infrastructure set up and will advise you on the most optimised interest earning strategy that can be achieved on your crypto deposits tailored to your targets and objectives. Our market analysts will track and manage your capital on your behalf across the different DeFi lending protocols to ensure you earn the maximum possible with the minimum ease.

Your Transactions Our Solution

Our team will work with you closely to understand your individual transaction requirements and tailor a financial solution for your Cryptocurrency and payment needs.

We take our clients hand by hand through each stage of the transaction processes to ensure they can confidently meet their objectives in an easy and transparent manner.

Building End to end solution for Real Estate Developers & Brokers

  • Custody, escrow, stable coins and exchange, global fiat settlements, AML/KYC compliance.
  • Avoid middlemen fees, currency conversions and slow outdated financial institution costs.
  • Save time in closing international deals and execution of transactions.
  • Sell real estate with no borders or financial barriers.
  • Increase exposure to new markets.
Market place feature with live cryptocurrency pricing on a dedicated domain developed individually for each of our partners.
Our Team

Meet The Team

Our team has a strong track record in assisting individual investors, entrepreneurs, payments companies and crypto institutions to make Fintech, Digital Payments and Cryptocurrency a part of our every day life.

David Rabbi

Co-Founder & CEO

Israel Bitton

Co-Founder & COO

Yossi Adar

Chief Trading and Markets Analyst

Sol Benady

Chief Innovation & Development officer

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Payment methods: Wires transfers (SEPA, SWIFT, ACH and UK payments schemes) in over 30 different currencies including CHF, EUR, GBP and USD. Alternatively we can accept payments made via credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX) processing.

Switzerland Office

Unter Altstadt 10, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
FNTX Capital Suisse GmbH operates in partnership with and under the regulatory umbrella of Capital Management Partners AG - a member of the SRO PolyReg since March 2, 2004 - In compliance with our due diligence requirements, we are fully committed and responsible all AML obligations pursuant to Art 2. para3. AMLA, FINMA Regulations and guidelines, AMLD5 and the best industry practice.

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David Rabbi Profile

Business lawyer | Entrepreneur |  Financial & Real Estate.
A respected business lawyer and entrepreneur, David has a proven track record of delivering results where financial transactions are concerned.  He is often recognised as an authority on the subject emerging financial technologies and the regulatory frameworks governing them. On top of this, he has been heavily involved in real estate market in Europe and Portugal, where he has overseen several investment projects.

Israel Bitton Profile

Business lawyer | Entrepreneur |  Financial & Real Estate.
Israel is a corporate & financial services regulatory lawyer with a particular focus on fintechs, payments & e-money, virtual currencies and digital assets. Admitted as a member of the Law Society of England and Wales in 2010 Israel boasts extensive experience advising entrepreneurs and businesses, both large and small, on EU and UK law and regulation, product characterization and money laundering compliance aspects.

Sol Benady Profile

Chartered Accountant | Fin-tech and Banking | Emerging Sectors.
Sol has 15 years’ experience in Fintech and Banking sectors, in a variety of roles in large top tier consultancies and banking institutions. He is a qualified UK chartered accountant and he is uniquely positioned to advise clients and deliver innovative and incisive solutions to new emerging challenges.